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About Us:
Peter Jenkins, TreeInspection.com,
and Treeman, Inc.

Peter Jenkins, aka “Treeman,” is one of Atlanta's earliest arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). He was a founding member of the Georgia Arborists Association, and serves as its current President. Treeman is known throughout Atlanta and the country for his love and respect for all things trees.

In 1978 Jenkins founded Treeman, Inc., which has been taking care of trees in Atlanta ever since. Five years later, after “inventing” the sport of recreational (rope and harness) tree climbing, Jenkins founded Tree Climbers International, the world's first organization and school for recreational tree climbers. Jenkins started TreeInspection.com, LLC in 2003.

Jenkins is also a photographer and Toastmaster-trained speaker. He welcomes the opportunity to talk to neighborhood, garden, and other associations about trees and their maintenance and care.

TreeInspection.com, LLC

TreeInspection.com was founded in response to the growing need for tree evaluation and hazard assessment in Atlanta. We perform onsite inspections to determine the health and stability of trees on a property.

TreeInspection.com clients include:

  • Established homeowners
  • Home buyers and real estate agents
  • Condo and townhome associations
  • Builders and developers
  • Home inspectors

In addition to “visual” inspections, TreeInspection.com services include Resistograph testing to detect or quantify decay, written reports about tree survivability, and prescriptions for tree preservation for builders and developers. We prefer to have the property owner present during an inspection to be able to discuss our evaluation and answer any questions. Call 404-486-0144 for an appointment or further information.

Treeman, Inc.

Treeman, Inc. is a tree care company with a solid reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellent work. We do not suggest or perform tree trimming or removals unless such work is warranted, and we adhere to the highest standards for safe tree care practices to protect both the trees and our crews (for example, we do not use leg spikes except during the removal of trees). Approximately 90 percent of Treeman's clientele are satisfied previous customers and referrals.

Treeman, Inc. provides free estimates for tree work in our service area. We are happy to refer customers to reputable tree companies in areas where Treeman, Inc. does not operate. Call 404-377-9663 for an estimate or more information.

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