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Every arborist sets his or her own professional fees. Our charges are for our time, not for the number of trees we look at during a visit to your home. The following are TreeInspection.com’s pricing guidelines for residential tree inspections and consultations performed in the vicinity of northeast Atlanta and Decatur. We provide our services throughout metropolitan Atlanta; however, additional charges will be added for travelling to areas near or outside I-285 and/or when driving time is significantly increased. As noted below, our fees for builders and contractors vary based upon the project.

In our local area, our partner company, Treeman Inc., can do any tree trimming or removal we recommend in a tree inspection report. We will be happy to provide references to reputable tree care professionals who provide other services we recommend, or who work in areas outside of Treeman Inc.’s range.

Visual Tree Inspection

We prefer to schedule tree inspections when the property owner can be present. We expect payment on the day of the inspection.

Visual tree assessment:

  • Initial visits of up to one hour of consultation time: $150
    Most inspections can be completed within an hour.
  • Very large properties may require more time and therefore will cost more.
  • Additional detailed typewritten reports or letters will be billed separately at our hourly rate of $100/hour.

“Climbing” (aerial) inspection:

  • Arborist must climb tree to assess it thoroughly.
  • Cost depends on the size of the tree and how difficult it is to reach certain areas of the tree. Billed at $175/hour.

Resistograph Test

The person performing this test can usually tell you his general findings on the same day. For most trees, a detailed report is usually unnecessary; however, when documentation is requested, we will send a report along with the invoice.

Lower trunk and roots (ground level): $250 per tree

Upper trunk areas and branches
(“Climbing Resistograph”): $350 and up
(Cost depends on how many areas of the tree need to be drilled and their accessibility. Note: We do not climb with leg spikes.)

Builders’ and Contractors’ Reports

Pricing depends upon location and complexity of the assignment. Please call TreeInspection.com with specifics.

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