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What can you do to “inspect” your own trees?

Please carefully read our article called “How To Spot A Dangerous Tree” to learn some of the more obvious signs of a tree’s problems. The danger signs discussed in this article are easy to understand and visually apparent to the naked eye. The conditions described will also tell you when you have an immediate problem that should addressed by a professional arborist.

Please do not substitute this short article for getting the opinion of a professional! An experienced certified arborist can spot trouble that the untrained eye will not see, and can give you advice that goes well beyond the scope of our article and your own knowledge.

By all means do not take tree work into your own hands! Taking care of trees is always dangerous, even for the seasoned professionals who perform the work daily. One small mistake can cause a life-altering injury or even death. Leave tree work to those who know how to do it safely and properly.

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