Choosing a Tree Service

There are good tree services and there are bad tree services. Many know and care about what they are doing, some do it only for a "quick buck." Some are honest, others aren’t. Some keep worker safety in mind, others don't.

This is what happened to a homeowner in Roswell who didn't know what kind of questions to ask before she hired a "Landscaping / Tree Service" to trim her tree.

  • This was a beautiful specimen Overcup Oak...
  • ... until a "tree service" butchered it. Not a leaf left!

    Like any other profession, it's not so easy to tell the difference if you're an inexperienced customer. Here are some pointers to help you:

    • Get the best care for your trees;
    • Pay a price which is fair;
    • Hire a company which is reliable and trustworthy;
    • Use a company which follows time-proven safety rules for workers.

    Read on to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of tree work and get the most "bang for your buck."